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Biggest Roadblocks of Your Journey: Are These Holding You Back? 🤯


Skills Gap

You may lack the necessary skills and knowledge to keep up with the rapidly evolving IT industry.


Networking Constraints

You might struggle to network, connect with mentors, or access job openings.


Uncertain Career Path

You may be uncertain about which specific IT roles or career paths to pursue.


Job Market Competition

The IT job market is highly competitive. You might struggle to stand out with/without experience or certifications.

If any of the above resonates with you, I warmly invite you to join my
'3-Day Cloud & DevOps Mastery Bootcamp.'

Get Ready For 3-Day Bootcamp Adventure
To Learn:

AWS Skills & Real-World Scenarios... 📈

  • How you can enhance your professional profile with practical AWS Cloud & DevOps skills?
  • How you can utilize AWS EFS for efficient file storage solutions?
  • How you can master AWS solutions with Chat GPT?

IAC, Networking, and Code Migration Mastery... ⚡

  • How to build a cost-effective private network for intranet sites?
  • How you can Implement Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with Terraform and CloudFormation using a simple YAML setup?
  • How to migrate source code seamlessly from GITHUB to AWS code repository?

WordPress Deployment for Cost Savings on AWS... 🌐

  • How to deploy a WordPress site into AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)?
  • How to deploy a WordPress site into AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)?
  • Learn to optimize infrastructure costs for clients with practical demonstrations.

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Unlock Cloud Mastery and DevOps Agility with Our Exclusive E-Book...


Access To VIP Facebook Group For Advanced IT Learning & Interaction...


Get AWS SAA Interview FAQs/Answers / Solutions Through Videos...


Learn To Use AWS Cloud Services Via Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Series...


Real Stories of Success from Participants! 🤩


Reshmi ThattathPurayil

Cloud Engineer at Lentra

Rashmi T shifted from System Engineer to Cloud and DevOps Professional with Mr.
Shanthi Kumar V's live skills coaching, securing a 130%+ hiked job. His coaching provided practical experience and helped rebuild her profile, opening doors to a new technology role. She highly recommends his program for anyone seeking to break into Cloud and DevOps.


Ram Manohar K.

Lead Cloud Consultant at Searce

"As an experienced IT professional in Recruitment and Presales, I turned to Mr. Shanthi Kumar V to transition into Cloud Presales. His one-on-one coaching empowered me to complete AWS and GCP projects, enhance my resume, and secure a Sr. Business Analyst and Presales Engineering role with a leading cloud services company, earning a 110% salary increase. I highly recommend Mr. Kumar's coaching program to IT professionals seeking successful career shifts."


Poonam B.

Cloud Transfer and Migration TL at Accenture India

"I underwent AWS Cloud and DevOps trainings from top-notch companies while working as a Test Engineer in NON-IT field. However, lacking live experience made interviews a challenge.
So I joined Mr. Shanthi Kumar V's coaching program and completed many live POCs. I then secured a 100% hike as a Cloud Transter and Migration specialist in a top-notch IT MNC. I'm grateful to Mr. Kumar for his mentorship and highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their IT career. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone looking to elevate their IT career."


Venkat Gandhi

Full Stack Engineering Senior Manager at Accenture

"As an IT professional with 28 years of experience, I struggled to gain practical expertise in Cloud and DevOps despite attending various courses. Then, I found Mr. Kumar's coaching program on LinkedIn. His tailored approach, focused on AWS/Azure cloud services, transformed my abilities. His guidance not only boosted my regular activities but also led to a swift 30% salary increase and promotion to Senior Manager at a top MNC. Now, I provide Cloud and DevOps services to our valued clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Kumar's one-on-one coaching for anyone seeking career advancement in Cloud and DevOps."


Meet Your Mentor... 👋


Shanthi Kumar V.

30+ Years Globally Experienced IT Professional

Shanthi Kumar V., with over three decades of global IT experience, coaches individuals to secure higher CTC jobs. His coaching model emphasises scaling up technical skills, job role activities, interview skills, and AI solutions practices.

Participants, ranging from freshers to senior professionals, undergo personalised coaching spanning 3 months. Shanthi Kumar identifies skills, tasks, and roles tailored to their profiles. This approach instills confidence in handling client issues and preparing for interviews.

The coaching framework includes 2 levels, with a focus on incremental profile enhancement. Participants emerge with competitive profiles, positioning them for success in high-paying Cloud and DevOps roles. Shanthi Kumar's coaching has proven effective in preparing individuals for career growth.

Become An AWS Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility Expert, Say Goodbye To:


Frustration from feeling stuck in your career and lacking the skills needed to advance.


The anxiety of not being able to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of cloud computing and DevOps.


The fear of falling behind the competition and missing out on high-paying job opportunities.


Wasting time and effort trying to self-learn new technologies and tools without experienced guidance and support.

Are You Ready To Embark On A Journey of
"Career Transformation?" 💪

Unlock your career potential with our Level 1 Coaching program! In just 3 days, with 2 hours each day, you'll gain practical Cloud and DevOps skills while tackling common challenges head-on.


Join us for a transformative journey in live Cloud and DevOps adoption! Our Level 1 Coaching offers hands-on training over 3 days (2 hours per day).
 Seize your chance for career success – register today before slots run out!

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Have Questions? 💭

Find Answers here!

  • What Skills Will I Gain After This 3-Day Workshop?

👉 You will gain proficiency in cloud platforms, containerization, automation tools, and problem-solving, preparing you for advanced roles.

  • What challenges does the program address?

👉 The program helps IT professionals overcome career stagnation by providing skills, confidence, and practical experience.

  • What sets your approach apart?

👉 Our approach combines technical depth, practical application, and mentorship, ensuring real-world readiness for participants.

  • Can I get the AWS Infrastructure domain knowledge to do the job ?

👉 Yes, through this coaching you will be groomed for the usage of the AWS Basic services to build cloud infrastructure.


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