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By Shanthi Kumar V, DevOps coach and mentor


Gain practical skills and valuable insights in 3 days with AWS Cloud Mastery & DevOps Agility L1 Workshop. Check out some  workshop highlights:


In just 3 days, you will start to

  • Supercharge your career with our elite AWS Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility L1 Master Program. Gain invaluable expertise and coaching to boost your earnings and transform your future. Our affordable program offers high-value coaching and on-the-job training to enhance your career prospects.
  • Our L1 master program is a cost-effective option designed to take your AWS Cloud and DevOps skills to the next level. It provides exclusive coaching and training to help you advance your skills and catch up with other levels. Transform your career and enjoy a lifetime of high-paying job opportunities.
  • Invest in yourself and secure your financial future with our exclusive Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility Master Program. Benefit from elite coaching and on-the-job training to shape your future and achieve remarkable success. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your career and achieve your goals.

When you become an Expert in AWS Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility, you can say Good Bye to

  • The frustration of feeling stuck in your career and lacking the skills needed to advance.
  • The anxiety of not being able to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of cloud computing and DevOps.
  • The stress of not being able to deliver projects on time or within budget due to a lack of expertise and experience.
  • The fear of falling behind the competition and losing out on high-paying job opportunities.
  • The time and effort wasted on trying to learn new technologies and tools on their own, without the guidance and support of experienced professionals.

Real-life Success Stories: Beneficiaries' Testimonials of the Impact of This Program

From System Engineer to Cloud and DevOps Professional: Rashmi T's Journey to Success


"From Non-IT Test Engineer to Top-Notch IT Cos Cloud Transfer and Migration Specialist: Ponam B's Journey to success"


"Transitioning to Cloud Presales from IT recruitment cycle role: Ram's success story"


"Practical Experience in Cloud and DevOps: Venkat's Journey with Mr. Kumar's Mentorship Program"


Here's what you are going to discover in 3-Day Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility Master workshop

Day 1: Learn how to build practical skills with AWS Cloud that can enhance your IT professional profile, including two live scenarios: accessing AWS EFS setup for  file storage and Linux network access for developers and cross-sharing end-of-day balance sheets for financial businesses globally.

Day 2 :You will learn three live scenarios, including building a cost-effective private network for intranet sites, implementing Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with Terraform and CloudFormation in a simple YAML setup, and migrating source code from GITHUB to AWS code repository.

Day 3 :It will cover the demonstration of deploying a WordPress site into AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to save infrastructure costs for clients.


Here's a list of bonuses for you after 3 days session: 1. Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility Ebook, 3. The demo Videos from 3 days sessions, 5. Cloud Migration Guide/Checklist, AWS Interview FAQs guides on topics; EC2/VPC/RDS/ELB. Bonuses Total worth: Above Rs. 8,000


Register before tonight and unlock bonuses worth Rs. 8,000 before tonight and unhlock bonuses worth above Rs. 8,000/-


1. Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility Ebook: A comprehensive guide to help you gain mastery in cloud computing and DevOps agility. Perceived value: Rs. 500.


2. The demo Videos from 3 days sessions: A series of video tutorials that will guide you through the process of using AWS  cloud services in real-world scenarios. Perceived value: Rs. 3,000.


3. AWS Cloud Migration and other Checklists to use in live: A step-by-step checklist that will help you migrate your on-premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud. Perceived value: Rs. 1,000.


4. Access to Private Facebook Group: Get access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants and get your questions answered. Many devops tutorials access. Perceived value: Rs. 1,000.


5. AWS SAA interview FAQs/ Answers / Solutions through videos: You will be given access to these videos for your interviews preparation easily. Rs. 3,000

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Meet Your Mentor-Shanthi Kumar V 


Shanthi Kumar V ]Profile:], is a 3.5 decades [Globally] experienced IT Professional. During his jobs he mentored and coached the IT professionals to scale them up as per the client expectations at onsite and offshore of Project and programme engagements for different IT services companies. This scaling up the project resources helped the clients in many ways and also to the companies to get more and strategic business.

Since last 5 years he has been coaching the IT professionals to transform into Cloud and DevOps highly paid jobs. These participants were from NONIT and IT background with levels from freshers to 2.5 decades senior professionals. These coached professionals have settled well in their roles with professional confidence to handle any kind of client issues. At the same time, they have proven the capability for further growth.

He scales the individual with his one on one sessions to grow as per his/her profile in 4 to 6 months duration. At the same time, he will also identify the relevant tasks/activities to learn and demonstrate to him to be as evidences of knowledge and experiences acquired. At the same time, he also identifies the relevant roles for the participants profile and groom and mold them for the said roles. So that when the participant applies to these positions, without any confusion he/she answers the interview to grab the needed offer. This model became very popular in his coaching. And it was a well proven coaching globally.

Recently, he designed the WhatsApp classes to reach to many people to spread his coaching models. As a part of it he designed the coaching framework into 3 levels. In each level they keep moving into upskilling their profile with live tasks/activities. At 3rd level they will be groomed with a competent profile to beat the roles of Cloud and DevOps in IT Industry for great offers. Hence this model gives a roadmap towards scaling up their profile incrementally.

Here is what you will be doing in 3 days [2 hours a day] while you spend with us

Step 1

Join a 3-day program for live AWS Cloud and DevOps coaching with 2 hours per day, covering practical, hands-on training and coaching to overcome common pain points and challenges.

Step 2

Learn about AWS Cloud and DevOps live skills building coaching and gain valuable skills in managing resources, reducing costs, and ensuring high availability in Live Cloud and DevOps environments. The program includes live scenarios building with AWS Basic services with infra setup demos, covering topics such as accessing EFS setup, implementing Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with AWS, and migrating source code to AWS code repository.

Step 3

Step 3: Enjoy a list of bonuses including a comprehensive ebook, cloud computing worksheets, video training on AWS POCs/demos, a cloud migration checklist, access to a private Facebook group, and live coaching demos and Q&A sessions with an experienced cloud computing and DevOps expert. These bonuses are valued at Rs. 8000 and can be offered as a bundle with this coaching sessions.

Register before midnight of today to get your slot with bonuses worth of Rs. 8,000

Register for AWS Cloud Mastery-DevOps Agility Level1
Master workshop Just @ Rs. 777/- only [not Rs. 3,600/-]

P.S. Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your career in live Cloud and DevOps adoption! Our Level 1 Coaching program provides practical, hands-on training and coaching to help you to identify and overcome common pain points and challenges in just 3 days, with 2 hours per day. Register now and take the first step towards your career success before the slots are over.

P.P.S. Remember, you'll also receive a bundle of valuable bonuses, including an ebook, video training, cloud computing worksheets, and access to live coaching and Q&A sessions. These bonuses are valued at Rs. 8,000. Take advantage of this offer and enhance your skills in AWS cloud computing and DevOps agility. Register now!


Start Date: 10th  July 2023, 6 AM to 8AM for 3 days


Sorry! this offer is expired now. For future dates/offer, please contact Shanthi Kumar V on Whatsapp # +91-8885504679